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     3. 5. 2004 - Ostatní



    21st century. Probes going to Mars and Jupiter. Man is aiming for the stars. Communication has gained new speed, reaching within seconds across continents. Biology has achieved new breakthroughs and cloning will soon be the order of the day. So now, what about war, terrorism and even something as simple as man’s daily stress and inability to understand others?

    Have we tamed our inner devils? The front pages of our own newspapers tell us we haven’t.

    Have we even begun to solve today’s worldwide ills? Famine still strikes at the door of millions, criminality and drug abuse are soaring internationally while billions of dollars are poured into ”fighting” these ills.

    The daily answer to this is now the ”take a pill and feel happy” prescribed by medical doctors and psychiatrists. And the scene goes on, as pills don’t solve anything…

    While we seem to make great progress with more and more out-of-this-world technological breakthroughs, the abyss between these and the age-long human sufferings appears to become bigger.

    Isn’t it time we developed a science to bring man a knowledge of himself that matches his advanced material achievements?

    Hundreds of thousands of readers of the 20 million copy bestseller DIANETICS say it has been done. Upon the book’s release, Walter Winchell, columnist for the Daily Mirror, wrote:

    ”… It will prove as revolutionary for humanity as the first caveman’s discovery of fire.”

    The book fully describes Hubbard’s concrete discoveries about the human mind and its relation to life. It does not only cover the actual function of our mind but also the solutions to its possible malfunction and the advanced technique for its repair. And this does NOT involve any medication, drugs, hypnosis, electroshocks, and the like.

    Here is the answer to man’s long-term unsolved riddles about himself and others.

    The DIANETICS book is now supplemented with a DVD that illustrates its exact contents and makes it possible to travel within oneself and start to understand one’s own behaviour. For centuries, the philosopher’s ”Know thyself” remained a maze. It could be that this unknown land is now opening up to the curious and the brave. Summarizing the spirit of his discoveries, Hubbard ends off his preface to DIANETICS with these words:

    ”You are beginning an adventure. Treat it an as adventure. And may you never be the same again.”

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